A traditional Indian Wedding lasts for several days usually minimum 3 days to 5 days (in some cases – depends on place-based rituals, customs and traditional rituals).

India is a country of most significant cultures and rituals. So as, marriages take place in India are noted by a lot of customs, rituals and traditions that are mostly based on religion, but common in nature somewhere. The traditions followed in weddings here in India are very impressive expression of the rich culture derived from its heritage of the country. This country is very diverse in culture although united. People has harmony for each other even if they are from diverse cultures and that is the stregth of India. This diversity is unquestioning in the Wedding Traditions in India as well.
As the country is divided into 4 main regions, so as weddings and its customes mostly depends on the place where these rituals takes place.
1. North Indian Weddings tradions
2. North East India Wedding Traditions
3. South India Wedding Traditions
4. West India Wedding Traditions

There are so many ceremonies taken place before the wedding here in India. One of the most significant tradition in India which prevalent more or less along the entire length and breadth of the Indian country is the ‘Rokka’ (famous in North India), ‘Sagai’ (famous is everywhere) means ‘Engagement’. It might be known by different names in different parts of the country but it is the initiation of the grand India wedding. The kind of rituals which take place as pre-wedding ceremonies are Mehndi and Haldi.

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