Now, the question in your mind is “Should I have a pre-wedding photography session?”, before reaching any conclusion, it’s better to know the meaning of pre-wedding photography. Pre-wedding photography is a professional photo-shoot handled by an opted professional wedding photographer prior to wedding day.

You might have been thinking “it’s just all that”! and the answer is no, there are many other reasons why would you choose to have pre-wedding photography session?

1. Introduction with your wedding photographer.
Well, here is the best opportunity for bride and groom (Dulha-Dulhan) to have their introduction with the wedding photographer. The pre-wedding photography session turns out to be a good relationship between the wedding photographer and the couple. Certainly, it has another important advantage. It is usually several months between photographer’s booking date and grand wedding day. It is impossible for both parties to remember every commitment that was made. The wedding couple is already under severe stress during the wedding day and addition of unknown wedding photographer pointing his/her camera towards wedding couple and asking them to pose will add another stress level to them. Being a wedding photographer, the first task is to extenuate that fear and make sure that the wedding couple does not sense like they are presenting themselves to a less known person through a daunting camera, but kind of a friend that they know very well in advance through pre-wedding photography session. It turns out to be a big big difference.

2. This also helps wedding photographer to know more about an engaged couple
In pre-wedding photography session, a wedding photographer has the best chance to get to know more about the engaged couple and their choices. It also makes him to make more prominent ideas for the wedding day photography of engaged couple. You can discuss the wedding venue, family members, number of guests, about local customs and rituals etc. It’s also a time for him or her to find out more about your wedding photography needs. It will help wedding photographer a lot in decision making for kind of deliveries, the engaged couple has in their mind to deliver.
By opting for a pre-wedding photography session, you will sure that whether your wedding photographer is capable to deliver, what you are expecting from him/her.

3. Your photos can be used at the venue during wedding day and reception
The most amazing part of pre-wedding photography session is that you can show off your pre-wedding photographs through a slideshow among your guests during wedding day or reception with the music at the venue. Wow – what a moment it is? Right!

4. Start your wedding photo album with pre-wedding photographs.
The wedding album is a kind of document book that says the story of the big day itself. Is it not a good idea, if we include or start wedding photo book with some of the images from pre-wedding photography session. It’s kind of fun at a different level and type of informal way to start off your wedding photo book.

5. Guiding factor to your wedding photographer

From your pre-wedding photo shoot, the kind of images you choose or you like the most is worked as guiding factor by which a photographer came to know about the likes and dislikes of the wedding couple. So, he will keep in mind all those factors you like the most and you don’t like during the photography session on your wedding day.

6. Decimate camera anxiety

During my wedding day in 2005, I realized myself as a camera shy person. At that moment I realized that I must have a photo session with my better half before the grand wedding day. It helps in building a rapport with wedding photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera.
You will gain an understanding of your photographer may direct you to your grand wedding day. If you schedule a pre-wedding photography session prior to your wedding day, I can assure you that you will feel completely relaxed and comfortable while facing your wedding photographer and camera, and it will reflect in your photos too.

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