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Easy 5 steps to find the best wedding photographer

Remember, what is the most common reaction by a couple, when they receive their wedding or pre-wedding photographs given by their wedding photographer. They immediately post them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. After certain years, when the couple again looks back those photographs, the gathering, the relatives, the parents, the family, the friends, music & dance, location, celebrations, customs, traditions, you will find a lot of memories from your wedding photo album. And, one of the most important decisions you took before your wedding was to choose the best photographer to capture your touching moments during wedding ceremonies. You are looking for a photographer who understands your imagination of photographs for your wedding, who can document your wedding photographs exactly the style that matches your personality, your character being a couple. But, you will also look for someone you trust the most and feel comfortable while working in between your family members, relatives, and friends on your wedding day.
To assist you to get the ideal individual to leave with this job, I have written some steps to find the perfect wedding photographer.

1. First thing first, book your wedding venue before book your wedding photographer.

It is a good thought to book your wedding photographer after you finalize your wedding venue. Based on the demand for your wedding photographer, you must consult him as early as possible. Some people do it even 1 year in advance in most of the cases where the wedding photographer is in high demand.

2. Do post on your social network accounts for recommendations.

You may have seen the wedding photos of your loved ones on your social media accounts like Facebook. You may ask them for the details of their wedding photographer. You can also consult your wedding planner for the wedding photographer or the manager at your wedding venue. You can also check it on online wedding planner websites, their recommendations, you can also look into some good wedding magazines easily available at newsstands and pay close attention to the photo credits in the “real weddings” section.

3. Work out on the details of the photography you love.

This is a kind of homework you can do easily at your residence. Start looking for reviews on search engines like Google. Browse for the listed websites in your local area, check their client’s reviews, testimonials, etc. There are plenty of blogs available online on wedding photography. Get a sense of style of wedding photography, you are looking into. Make your database of handful photographers, shortlist them and write down their phone numbers and email ids. Start writing emails and send text messages through your mobile phones. checkout their availability on your wedding day date, their prices, and costs. Write down the names of those wedding photographers who’s dates are available on your wedding day and costs are in your budget, shortlist all of them and schedule your initial meetings with them.

4. Interview with your wedding photographers.
Most of the wedding photographers will send you their online portfolio links before your original first meeting. Also, ask if your wedding photographer has shot any wedding at the same venue, you can ask your wedding photographer for the images that have been shot at your booked venue. You will get a good recipe for photographs you may have for your wedding and helps you to understand the profile of your wedding photographer. In large wedding ceremonies, usually, a team of specialized photographers does the job for their clients.

5. Talk about the costs and prices
Some photographers offer prices for their complete range of packages that include everything, like photo albums, videos, highlights, wedding posters, HD photographs in pen drives, etc. Most packages are based on the number of days you are looking into and the number of guests. At the end of the booking, I have seen couples are choosing customized packages over offer packages that suit couples most of the time. Some photographers charge on the basis of the number of sheets in photo album and hours of video delivered to end clients. You must ensure what included and what is not. Also, query about the total time taken for delivery.

Once, after the evaluation of each photographer, narrowed down to all the options available, and it’s time to finalize your decision. Don’t forget that you will spend your entire wedding ceremonies with that person. So, make sure you will feel comfortable with the wedding photographer. I suggest you should engage him for your pre-wedding shoot or engagement photoshoot is always an ideal opportunity for you to know about your wedding photographer.

Lots of blessings to you and my best wishes are always with you. Wish you a happy married life.

Thank you for your valuable time to read this article. We provide articles on various wedding photography topics and to get the latest updates, I recommend subscribing to our newsletter.

Thank you for your valuable time to read this article. We provide articles on various wedding photography topics and to get the latest updates, I recommend subscribing to our newsletter.

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