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On her wedding, the bride using her laptop, ignoring Groom on wedding chair
Comments by netizens, “target pura karna hai.”

For a long time, people are working from home in most of the areas of corporates. We have seen people performing their professional responsibilities along with their daily routines at home. If you are one of them, then you know better than anyone else exactly what it has been like while working at home.
We have seen corporate presentations while attending meetings on Zoom along with working parallel in the kitchen area and it was very common even fair in these pandemic days.
Just a few days ago, a video of a bride while sitting on her wedding chair in between her wedding ceremonies, the bride can be seen working on her laptop and this video went viral on Twitter. The bride can be seen in her full wedding attire, but rather than attending her relatives or friends on her wedding chair, she can be seen working on her office laptop and attending her calls. Even, she does not show any interest in her groom neither speaking with him during ceremonies. Instead, she has been tied continuously with her phone and laptop screen. Even, you can notice the groom comes in the frame and sitting to next her, but she is not giving any attention to her. All these are based on corporate #priorties if your answer is yes. This video is posted by a user on Twitter….. via WA @hvgoenka


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