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A wedding photographer is expensive and the main reason is the involvement of high cost in overall production. To provide the best wedding photographer services, one has to invest a lot in equipment, support staff, and production team. One may find cheap wedding photographers out there, and they are available everywhere, but they are providing cheap wedding photography services on the basis of low-cost input and cost-cutting in equipment and support staff. Well, the question is – Does your wedding photographer is over-charging you?
Just look into some important facts –
Initially, you assume that it took just some hours or a couple of days to shoot wedding photography, but I will tell you some important facts behind high expenses that occurred in the wedding photography business.

  1. e.g. Client does not take into account, the time it will take to reach the venue or destination.
  2. Time was taken during the pre-booking process
  3. Total time is taken to photograph the whole wedding event
  4. Time is taken to transfer the whole data and then a backup of whole data
  5. It took a couple of days in post-processing of whole data for wedding photography and sometimes it took more time to post-process depends on a number of photographs taken during the wedding event.
  6. Time is taken for multiple sitting with a client for the final selection of photographs
  7. Equipment: In the current generation, a wedding photographer has to keep himself/herself updated with current technology in different photography equipment, hardware, and software
    • Camera body
    • Lenses
    • Lights
    • Tripods
    • Light meter
    • Software
    • Editing terminals
    • They spend thousands even in lakhs to keep updating themselves with current best cameras and lenses in the market, best lighting system, software and editing machines, etc.
  8. Overhead expenses – Professional wedding photographs have to maintain a professional website, rent for his studio location, electricity, mobile and internet charges,
  9. Skills – Apart from a good photographer, individually, they have to play the role of CEO, Marketing Manager, Financial Manager, Sales Manager, Production worker, Purchaser, Negotiator, Driver, Networker, etc. They have to invest a lot in updating themselves to a more advanced level in wedding photography. So, they can deliver you the best photographs out there in the region.
  10. Experience – There is no substitute for hard work and experience and professionals are very experienced people. They guide for all those things which are difficult to decide for yourselves.
  11. Assistants and support staff – A professional wedding photographer has to maintain a small team of assistants and support staff either at the wedding & pre-wedding location or at a photography studio. A professional photographer has to pay them wages from their own revenue.
  12. Uniqueness and quality – All professional wedding photographers have their unique style to maintain the need of clients. They know the requirements of clients in advance and delivers quality work as one may expect from a professional wedding photographer.
  13. Returns – The very true fact is that you are getting in return exactly the same for what you have paid. The wedding photographs you are getting are fully justified in its cost.

Hence, next time, when you think that a wedding photographer is overcharging you. Then keep in mind all the facts we discussed above before negotiation with a wedding photographer.


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