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Marriages are believed to be a sacred union in different religious rituals and cultures. The center place of the Sikh wedding is the Sikh Sanctum sacred Scriptures, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (SGGSJ).

Intro – The Sikh wedding ceremony is known as ‘Anand Karaj’ that is the official form of Sikh marriage. The word ‘Anand Karaj’ literally understand as ‘Blissful Union’. The importance of the Sikh wedding is a very special occasion where two souls are brought together as an equal relationship in front of Waheguru Ji (God).

The teachings of ‘Anand Karaj’ provides a way for a successful marriage that takes place in form of four revolutions around the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (SGGSJ), the Sikh Sanctum sacred Scriptures while religious hymns are sung by ‘Raagis’ that describe the hallowed travel of the individual unifying with the Waheguru Ji (God). When we applied the preachings of ‘Anand Karaj’, it results in infelicity and fulfillment.

With the Guruji as a witness of marriage, the couple revolves around Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to engage in trueness with each other. Through every cycle, the couple is prompted that both God and Guru are in the middle of their lives. God and Guru will bless them always with a happy journey together.

Marriage in the Sikh religion teaches us to live together with humbleness, self-sacrifice, affection, and spirituality are regarded as the most crucial elements in creating a successful and happy wedding experience.

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